Sunset Collection

We have done our best to refocus as a brand. Because of the growth and complexity we saw in our business practices, personally, on our time off, we tried to use this time to revisit a simpler lifestyle and to take pleasure in the little things that we often took for granted in pre-covid 19 life.

Meals at home with loved ones. 

Waving to our neighbors as we get the mail.

Watching old people learn to use facetime and zoom.

Getting our quarantine hair cut.

We have had the opportunity to have a schedule that is not overextended with commitments and deadlines and obligations.  Unshackled from our calendars and plans weeks in advance, we were able to appreciate today and the now.

We began to appreciate and find joy in simplicity.

This was the inspiration for our fall line - being at home, going to the beaches without the hordes of tourists, walks through the park, new skills to learn.

We wanted and needed swimwear that was comfortable and acceptable to use throughout the day.

We found inspiration in the dusk sky as the sun set and the moon began to rise.  The colors of dusk and dawn.

We found inspiration in comfort, in ourselves, in appreciating changes while embracing Hawaii, in a life that is a little simpler.  

Simple. Affordable. Damn Good Bikinis.

We hope this new collection is one you enjoy as much as we do and that you will continue to come along with us on our journey. 

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Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.