We know that everyone has sh!t going on in their lives. The last thing we want to worry about along with everything else is our bikinis. Will it fit right? How does it look? Will this break my bank? 


Each bikini is hand sewn with fabric that’s so soft, you’ll never want to take it off. In our design process, we use multiple bodies in various sizes to ensure each piece looks good and feels better. We focus on quality and fit- the things that should already come with a bikini. 


We know we’re not perfect, but we make a damn good bikini. 




As a small company, we are only one drop in the ocean. However, we believe that by making small improvements to our practices, we can make an impact in the world we live in. 

Join us on this journey of redefining our small business practices. We hope to set the bar for quality and environmental sustainability for a better tomorrow and future.  We promise to be transparent in our processes and graciously receive critical feedback in order to grow. 



We sew everything in our studio in Hawaii. While we admit, we do make waste, we are constantly evaluating and evolving our practices to have less waste as we grow our business. Every time we produce a new batch of bikinis is a new opportunity to improve and develop our processes. Whether it is reducing the time to sew a piece or using less fabric for a certain cut, we are committed to being better. 



One aspect of sustainability important to us is supporting local businesses. As a small team sewing and creating products right here in Hawaii, we understand the work it takes to survive and compete with other brands. Hawaii has always been our home and we aim to support our community around us. We are continuously looking for opportunities to work with, inspire, and promote local businesses. 

While this may not be 100% eco-friendly, we will do our part to find solutions that will benefit local businesses, while also taking into consideration the environmental impacts our decisions make. 



An example of our improvement can be seen through our change in packaging. After using up our initial order of plastic mailers, we saw an opportunity to opt for something more sustainable. Our kraft mailers are now made with 100% recycled content that is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Kraft mailers are a great shipping alternative to typical plastic mailers. You can also repurpose our packages and use them multiple times to ship something in the future. Check out our "Packaging" highlight on Instagram.

 Our Olena Cafe pick up orders are packed in kraft paper bags. We urge you to reuse and repurpose these bags! 

 We wrap some of our products in tissue paper, packing boxes and ribbon. We will continue to work to find alternative methods to package your products. If you prefer your items to be packaged only with our reusable bag, you may leave a note at checkout for us. 



All swim orders come packaged with a reusable canvas bag sewn and embroidered by us. By producing these canvas bags, we hope that you will reuse them or gift it to someone who will use it! 

 We’re also taking extra steps to reduce our fabric waste by repurposing fabric scraps into headbands and scrunchies. We will be working on ways to integrate this into our future offerings as well. In addition, some of our styles are designed with the consideration to reduce the amount of swimwear fabric waste we produce during our manufacturing process.    



We will do our part to limit the amount of waste, support our local economy and be conscious of the world around us. We are continuously working on our efforts to become a more sustainable company for you, our community, and for our planet. 

 While we aim to become zero waste, we have a long journey ahead of us and will continue to make small changes to our company and strive for constant self improvement. If you see any room for growth, please feel free to contact us.