We aim to keep moving forward stronger and better -- redefining small business practices and the traditional retail experience to one that is integrated into the community, creating awareness for the world around us and setting the bar for quality, social and environmental sustainability.

At Akira Collection, we aim to limit waste in all that we do. Starting a business during the COVID 19 pandemic was a reminder of past eras where goods were not readily available. It reminded us how important it is to utilize all your resources to the fullest extent. As the Japanese say, “mottai nai”, nothing goes to waste! 

Akira Collection is sourcing recyclable materials for our shipping mailers and packaging. After we used up our plastic mailers, we saw an opportunity for change. Our kraft mailers are now made with 100% recycled content that is 100% recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. Kraft mailers are a great shipping alternative to typical plastic mailers. You can also repurpose our packages and use them multiple times to ship something in the future.

We’re also taking extra steps to reduce our fabric waste by repurposing fabric scraps into headbands, packaging ribbons, and even making pouches for your swim instead of plastic packaging!  

Some of our styles are designed with the consideration to reduce the amount of swimwear fabric waste we produce during our manufacturing process. 

We will do our part to limit the amount of waste as we continue. By producing in small batches, we are using only what we need to produce quality products for our customers. We are continuously working on our efforts to become a more sustainable company for you, our community, and for mother earth.